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Here's a sample of some of the instruments we have:


  1. French violin labelled “Jacques Leclerc,” 1911 from the LaBerte-Humbert Workshop: also branded. $6,000 #CJH 6715

  2. “John Friedrich & Bro.” Violin. N.Y.,N.Y., 1924. Excellent maker of German heritage. $8,000.00 #RTH6675

  3. Contemporary violin by Ute Zahn, 2016, Minneapolis, MN. Personal friend. $10,850 #C-UZ

  4. French violin from the shop of Georges Apparut, Paris, bearing a Guadagnini label; $5,800 #RHT6752

  5. Beautiful old German (Bavaria) violin from the Neuner & Hornsteiner workshop in Mittenwald, ca. 1880, $4,500

  6. Beautifully preserved German violin dated 1925 and labelled Kurt Gutter, Markneukirchen. Mint condition (also branded). $8,000 #RTH6666

  7. Violin from Paris, France. “Leon Mougenot, 1928 (branded). Excellent quality and playability. $7,500 #RTH6678

  8. “Le Stentor” violin, Mirecourt, France, ca. 189-1895 (additional label on soundpost side is “Dealer’s Label.” $5,000 #RTH6731

  9. English violin, 1906 by James Meek of Carlisle, England. Fine condition and playability, $7,500 #RTH6688

  10. “Fancy Fiddle” with beautiful inlay, etc., German heritage that carries a Maggini label, c. 1880-1890. $5,000 RTH6688

  11. Beautiful American violin by the noted maker Charles F. Albert of Philadelphia, PA in 1889 that is labelled and carries the inscription “. . .for Second Violinist of the Olympia Quartet.” $12,000 #RTH6667

  12. French violin with Nicolas Lupot Label, ca. 1925. $4,000 RTH6714

  13. Modern Cremonese violin from the Cremona-trained maker Michalis Pantelides, 2004 (also signed). $10,000 BDH

  14. Beautiful French violin made by Eric Lorme of Havre, France in 2003 with certificate. Antiqued. Personal friend. $14,000 #RTH5489

  15. Violin from the shop of Ch.J.B. Collin-Mezin, 1950, Mirecourt, France. $5,000 #RTH4402

  16. Italian violin by Giorgio Grisales of Cremona. Master maker. Personal friend. 2002. $20,000 #BDH

  17. Exceptional contemporary violin by Stefano Trabucchi of Cremona, Italy. Master maker. 2016. Personal friend. $20,000 #RTH6399

  18. Contemporary Violin by Danielle Scolari in Cremona, Italy. 2016 $18,000 RTH6399

  19. Violin by Andrea Varazanni, Cremona, Italy. Antiqued. 2016. $18,000 #RTH6406


  1. 16” Viola Made by Timothy Poling, 1986. Professional maker, trained at Salt Lake City School of Violin Making. $10,000 C-HM

  2. Original Baroque Viola by Benjamin Banks, London, England. C. 1760-70. With unaltered neck, etc. Signed interior. Certified, 15 1/8”. $25,000 #RTH

  3. Modern Italian Viola, Ernest Pervere, Ferrara, Italy, 1947. Certificate. Gorgeous. $28,000 RTH


  1. Andreas Morelli ‘cello (branded inside) from the Karl Hermann workshop in Germany. $10,000 #RTH

  2. Josef Riegger German ‘cello. 1949. Mittenwald (Bavaria). $13,000 #RTH

We have many more instruments in our inventory.

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