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Eight Questions to Ask When Renting an Instrument
a.k.a. How to Rent an Instrument if You Don't Have a Clue

  1. Where was the instrument made? European-made instruments are the best choice. Instruments from China or Taiwan usually are poorly constructed and made of inferior materials.* Chinese instruments also have poor or no re-sale value. You want your student to have the best quality instrument possible to insure their musical success. Students will enjoy performing and practicing if the instrument is easy to play.

  2. What kind of bow comes with the instrument? Most students use a fiberglass bow for the first year of study. Choose a bow with real horsehair--not synthetic hair.

  3. Does my rent change after the "Fall Special" period is over? How much of my rent applies to purchase? Do you charge interest or any "extra" fees?

  4. What happens when my child needs a larger instrument? Does my equity transfer to the next size instrument?

  5. Is there a time limit to rent an instrument before you have to purchase it?

  6. Who does the repairs to the instruments? What are their qualifications? Are the repairs done in-store?

  7. Can someone in the store tune the instrument or do minor repairs while I wait?

  8. Can someone in the store play the instrument for you?

*Beware of buying Chinese instruments from a website. These instruments seem to be a bargain but actually need costly repairs to make the instrument playable.

3949 Russell St., Suwanee (Atlanta), GA 30024 • 770.945.1188
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