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VIOLINS $800-$3,000

This includes new Roumanian, Bulgarian, Czech and German violins; also vintage and antique violins from Germany, Austria, France, Czech Republic, Poland, America and Nippon (Japan). There are usually 30-40 7/8 and 4/4 sized violins available in this section. This stock changes rapidly, hence the following are examples that may or may not still be available:

  1. A violin by W. Wilkanowski of New York originally from Poland, ca. 1925. It is in excellent condition with a beautifully flamed one-piece back and honey-gold varnish. #5264

  2. A contemporary model of a daSalo violin by Hua Jen of Decatur, Ga. made in 2005. It is beautifully inlaid with purfling in the daSalo style, and its tone is deep and rich. Personally acquainted. Also a 2nd Hua Jen violin also available. #C-HJ-1

  3. From the Gliga shop in Roumania, a beautiful new violin (our Telemann Series) with strikingly flamed maple. A very popular model. #6117

  4. From Mittenwald in Bavaria, a violin from ca. 1850 with a Virzi Tonal Enhancer that was added in the 1920's. Excellent condition for its age with character and a warm tone. #6251

  5. Mirecourt, France, 1894. An excellent violin labelled "L.E.J.T." with a well-flamed maple one-­piece back. Fine condition and playability. #6122

VIOLINS $3,000-$8,000

  1. From the Meisel workshop in Germany, a violin labelled "Carlo Micelli, 1921". This is one of Meisel's finest offerings; it is in superb condition with a powerful sound. #4999

  2. A contemporary German violin labelled "Heinrich Gill, 2008, Model 6411 with gentle 'antique­ing'. Condition is as new. #4188

  3. A "Fancy Fiddle", Bohemian made, ca. 1900 in fine condition with carvings at each corner, both top and back of violin. The sound is warm and robust. #C-BB/5987

  4. A beautiful violin from the Collin-Mezin family of France, dated 1928 and in near perfect condition. Rich tone with carrying power. #4438

  5. John Juzek violin from the 1920's in Markneukirchen, Germany. None nicer at this price than this beautiful violin with its superb tonal qualities and superb condition. #5060

  6. From Mirecourt, France a beautiful violin. Nicolas Amati model from the 1920's with a very nice one-piece back; a joy to play. #5925

  7. Excellent example of an Emil Hermann violin from pre-1924 Berlin, Germany. Beautiful and in near perfect condition. #6207

  8. Created in 1931 by S. Jansen Miller of Dryden, N.Y. this instrument exhibits a beatiful transparent varnish that shows the beauty of the curly maple and the delicacy of the finely grained spruce top. It is a lovely American creation. #5873

  9. Ernst Heinrich Roth, 1963 modelled after a 1714 Stradivari violin. Perfect condition and outstanding tone/playability. Projects well. #5659

  10. Very nice German violin bearing the label of Camilli of Mantua, 1739. Fully antiqued with grafted neck, peg bushings, etc., ca.1890 #5878

  11. 11) An appealing violin bearing the label "Francesco Faruzi, Venice 18--(illegible)". Plays as well as it looks. #6250

  12. Unlabeled old German, 18th c. in very good condition with the warmest, mellowest tone of all. It bears a repair signature of Knute Rheindahl. A fiddler's fiddle. #RTHCBB

VIOLINS $8,000-$20,000

  1. School of Ansaldo Poggi, Bologna, 1929. Superb condition and playability with rich vibrancy in its gorgeous sound. 357mm. #SGa/BDH

  2. Beautiful modern Italian from Cremona, 1907 by Romedeo Muncher. Slender neck for the small hand, but the sound is full and vibrant. Cosmetically, the violin is superb. 357mm. #YQ

  3. Georg Albeck, the fine German maker of Santa Fe has created wonderful instruments over the years; this 2003 examble is in "as new" condition and plays beautifully. Personally acquainted. 354mm. #C-GA

  4. A second Georg Albeck from 2002 is also available and, though different visually from the above instrument, if possesses the same outstanding traits. 354mm. #C-GAII

  5. Giorgio Grisales, Cremona, Italy has created some of the most striking instruments in the modern violin world. This example from 2002 is beautiful in every way. Personally acquainted. 355mm. #BDH

  6. An 18th century violin dated 1727 and labelled Johannes Cuypers is in fine condition and possesses a rich, full-bodied tone. 357mm. # C-JM/RTH

  7. Ernst Heinrich Roth, 1926, 1722 Stradivari model, VIIR, pictured in the Roth book. Stellar condition; a exceptional player, and extremely collectible. 358mm #5990

  8. Contemporary French violin from the workbench of Eric Lourme, Le Havre, France. Antiqued, and in 'as new' condition. Labeled and signed, 2003. Personally acquainted. #5489

  9. Charles F. Albert, Philadelphia, Pa., 1886, beautiful in every way. "Made for the 2nd violin in the Chrisophe Colombia Quartet of Phila., also the Utopian Quartet. Striking quilted maple one­piece back. Truly an outstanding example of America's finest violin making in the 19th century. Very collectible. From an Atlanta estate. #C-KS

  10. English violin by James Meek, Carlisle, 1906. Excellent overall with a brilliant, carrying tone. 356 mm. #5254

  11. 18th century old English violin that is branded and signed George Barton, 1775. Fine condition and appearance. 355mm. #6085


  1. A modern Italian we purchased from the original owner's family is labeled Armando Barbieri, Forli, Italy 1926. It is a joy to play and in excellent condition. #OFla

  2. An 18c instument labeled Augustin da Rub(Roob) of Viterbo, Italy, 1763. Perfect for the more petite violinist, but possessing a refined, carrying tone. 355mm #MH

  3. Gennaro Vinaccia, Neapoli, 1765. Certified by W.E. Hill and Son, London, and Kenneth Warren & Son. For the aspiring soloist searching for the affordable artist level instrument. 357mm #NOk

  4. A truly beautiful and unusual Italian from the 18th c (ca. 1770) in stunning condition. It carries an apocryphal Sancto Seraphin label, and also certification from Rembert Wurlitzer as a School of Milano creation. The tonal quality is unique and superb. 354mm. #BDH/JH

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